Training solutions specific to your company’s needs

There is a lot of excellent SharePoint training providers out there, and lots of great content on the internet. However, the overwhelming feedback we get from users is that it is very generic.

Therefore we offer packages that are custom to your implementation. Maybe you have a custom intranet which looks a lot different from out of the box SharePoint or you are using custom-developed applications within SharePoint and Office 365. We tailor our offering to that, to give your employees a familiar experience.

As well as focusing on common tasks, we ensure plenty time is left to answer specific questions, and adapt the sessions as needed.

All of our training can be delivered remotely or on-premise (UK and EU).


SharePoint Training Packages

Our SharePoint training packages start from £1200 per day and can contain an unlimited amount of attendees. We also provide slides and notes afterwards.

As our training is completely custom to your organisation, we will work with you beforehand to agree on an agenda. Some example topics may beSharePoint introduction and basic navigation:

  • Creating/uploading documents
  • Creating folders
  • Renaming documents and folders
  • Pinning documents
  • Moving/copying documents
  • Creating views
  • Creating alerts
  • Checking out documents
  • Version history and restoring
  • Search
  • Recycle bin
  • External Sharing
  • Managing permissions
  • Editing pages
  • Creating news articles
  • Managing Navigation
  • Creating document libraries
  • Content types
  • Creating custom lists
  • Conditional formatting
  • Excel reports
  • Basic workflow and flow
  • Basic Site Usage Reports
  • Creating new sites and joining hub sites (Office 365)
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