Features to brighten your day in Teams – Part 1

Welcome to my new series on how to get the best out of Microsoft Office 365.

I’m Lesley, I’m the Project Administrator here at SR1 Development. This series is about how I use Office 365 to assist me not just with planning, organisation and project management, but also how to stay motivated and inspired.

Change your ring tone

Are you tired of the default ringtone and would like some inspirational tunes?

Go to settings in your Teams channel. Scroll down to calls and select a new ring tone.

Add a co-organiser to a meeting

A co-organiser has the same capabilities as the meeting organiser and is able to edit the meeting options. (Date, time, add attendees etc.)

The co-organiser must be part of your organisation and on the attendees list.

Automatically record a Teams meeting

This feature can be used record future meetings in advance and is handy if you are unable to attend the meeting. It can also be very useful if you work part-time or are unable to attend a meeting whilst on leave. Please remember to let your team know that the meeting is being recorded.

Set a status message in Teams

Have you ever been really busy with a task and receive Teams messages even when your calendar is blocked out? You can set a busy message to let your colleagues know that you are unavailable and you may not be able to respond right away. Click on your profile picture.

How to brighten your day in Teams – Part 2 Teams will include:

  • How to reduce background noise.
  • How to create your own memes.
  • How to appear like you are maintaining eye contact in Teams (even if you’re not looking at the camera).
  • Keyboard shortcuts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions.


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