Helping Professional Service Companies manage client documents using Office 365

We have recently been working with several professional service companies including financial advisors, accountants, and solicitors to help them leverage Office 365 and SharePoint online capabilities to store and manage their client files.

Using these tools they are also able to create a “portal” for there clients to login to, so they can view and manage there own documents.

Some benefits of this approach include:

  • One central area to upload client documents
  • Secure sharing of client area to enable the client to view and manage their documents
  • Automatic notifications to the client of new documents to review
  • Automatic notifications to internal staff that a client has created/edited or viewed a document
  • Automatic notifications to internal staff that some action is due to that client. For example annual review, tax return, etc.
  • Full audit trail
  • GDPR compliance
  • Digital signing

Professional Service Document View

End Client Document View

If you need any help implementing this in your site or have any other requirements, then please get in touch.