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Remote 45 minute SharePoint Review to address some of the main issues with your current SharePoint setup

Sharepoint Review

Here at SR1 Development, we love SharePoint. However, we appreciate many users and IT administrators can find it frustrating at times.

For a limited time, we are offering a completely free 45-minute remote session to address some of your main issues, and give some advice and tips on how to resolve them.

After the call, we will then send you a summary of recommendations and actions you can take to fix any unresolved issues.
All we ask for is hard work, commitment, and a desire to learn. In return we will offer a highly competitive salary, and the ability to grow your career as you desire.


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We are happy to cover any SharePoint issues or questions you may have. Some examples could be

  • Setup issues
  • Configuration issues
  • Site issues
  • Permission issues
  • Guidance on best practice
  • User-specific issues
  • Workflow issue
  • Simply complete the form below, briefly outlining your main issue(s), and we will be in touch to arrange a time for the remote session.

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