We are a small group of passionate consultants and developers who started this company in 2011 just outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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At SR1 Development we pride ourselves on a happy workplace that values work life balance. We use the Microsoft Office 365 tools ourselves to facilitate this.

As a growing company with a strong client base both locally and nationally, we are always on the look out for new talent to enable us to provide our clients with the best service possible.

We are proud of the benefits we offer, which include flexi time as standard. If you want to work longer during the week, and spend a Friday morning on the golf course, that is fine. If you have a family and would like to do the school runs, or attend school events, no problem. We want people who are committed to getting the work done when it is needed, rather than sitting at a desk 9-5.

All we ask for is hard work, commitment, and a desire to learn. In return we will offer a highly competitive salary, and the ability to grow your career as you desire.

Please note: We have no open vacancies at present.

May 3rd, 2022

SharePoint Basics: How to s…

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over a common question for new SharePoint users: How do I sync a SharePoint Library to my desktop? 1. Open SharePoint and go to the site that you’d like to sync a library from. 2. Click the cog in the top right corner to bring up the settings menu. 3.Select Site Contents from the menu. 4. Open the document library that you’d like to copy. 5. Click the sync button at the top of the page. 6. This will up a window asking you to open OneDrive. Choose the option to open OneDrive. 7. This will start the syncing process…

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Mar 22nd, 2022

Return to the modern workplace

Lesley Dickinson recently joined SR1 Development, after over a decade out of the workplace.…

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