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Public RSS Viewer App

Public RSS Viewer is the public facing version of our RSS Viewer aimed at external facing SharePoint sites. Due to licensing limitations within the Microsoft App Store, this is only available directly from our website.

1) Download and extract the App Package here and save to pc.
2) Navigate to your App Catalog in SharePoint Admin.
3) Create a new App Catalog or select an existing one
4) Navigate to this App Catalog site.
5) Under Apps for SharePoint, add the extracted App file from step 1.
6) Navigate to the site you wish to add the RSS.
7) Select Add App, Public RSS Viewer SlideShow.
8) Add App Part to page and configure.
9) Set properties as per store version.

In the trial version you will see text indicating it is a trial. To remove this a license key can be purchased for $24.90 by clicking the Buy Now button below. Once purchased please email a copy of your receipt to You will then be sent a license key within 24 hours to add to the App Part properties.