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Accordion Display Sandbox Solution

This sandboxed web part allows you to present list informaiton as an accordion. It is similar to Accordion App but will also work on Public SharePoint sites, and in SharePoint 2010.

1) Download and extract the wsp Package here and save to pc.
2) In your SharePoint site navigate to this "hidden" page: /_catalogs/solutions (for example Click Upload Solution

3) Then activate the solution

4) Navigate back to your site, click Site Settings - Add an App. Select Accordion Display List, and give it a name (e.g. MyData). Click create
5) Click on newly created list and enter items to appear in Accordion.
6) Navigate back to Site, and insert webpart Accordion Display (under custom)
7) In the properties set list name (e.g. MyData), click Save and Publish
8) If you recieve the following message:

Simply navigate to SharePoint Admin Centre and increase the resource allocaiton

9) CSS can be modified by going to Site Contents - Site Assets - SR1 Accordion and editing jquery-ui-1.10.1.custom.css (it is advised that you add items to the end rather than replacing defaults).

In the trial version you will see text indicating it is a trial. To remove this a license key can be purchased for $99.99 by clicking the Buy Now button below. Once purchased please email a copy of your receipt to You will then be sent a license key within 24 hours to add to the App Part properties.