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Solving real business problems with SharePoint and Office 365

What We Do

SharePoint/Office 365

Improve workflow and enable seamless team working with SharePoint and Office 365. Manage your content and information effortlessly and provide easy access to applications throughout your organisation – a quick and effective way to boost productivity and implement powerful integrations. Provide your team with places where they can collaborate on projects and work together, connecting them with intranets and portals. Enabling powerful enterprise search facilities to provide instant access to the most relevant information and resources available. Office 365 and SharePoint offer cloud-based technologies that grow with your business. SR1 Development specialise in SharePoint development, setup, migration, training and consultation services in Office 365 and On Premise.

Azure Development

Microsoft Azure delivers a tailor-made package of cloud services that helps your business with each process and unique need. Using your favourite frameworks and tools, we can help you build a network to share and utilise applications globally. SR1 Development provides custom development services built on Microsoft Azure Technologies, including cognitive services to process and extract meaning from your documents. Our process allows us to work with you to develop a solution that creates effortless integration.


Microsoft Power BI provides interactive visualisations and business intelligence quickly and simply. Employees benefit from an easy-to-use interface enabling them to create their own reports and user-friendly dashboards. Quick and simple access to relevant information and analytics improves workflow and productivity. SR1 Development work with your team to enable a solution with Microsoft Power BI that's designed to be the best fit possible for your business aims.

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